Withdrawal from the University

A student who wishes to withdraw from the university must report to the dean or director of the program in which the student is enrolled in order to complete the Withdrawal from Graduate Studies Form.

A student who withdraws without submitting the completed Graduate Student Withdrawal Form will not be eligible for any refund of fees or for exemption from fees in the event that fees have not been paid at the time of withdrawal.

Students who have withdrawn in good standing may request readmission within one year of withdrawal without completing the required application forms or paying any required application fee. Normally, readmission for such students will be granted. If more than one year has elapsed since the withdrawal date, a new application for admission is required. Also, students who fail to register or be granted an approved leave shall be deemed to have terminated their candidacy in the program and will be required to reapply. Each such applicant for readmission must pay any applicable application fee, include a letter indicating a proposed  schedule for the completion of all degree requirements, and agree to be interviewed by representatives of the graduate program. There is no guarantee of readmission and students may be required to complete additional course work as a condition of readmission (e.g., if more than five years have elapsed since the completion of a course, the student may be required to retake the course). Applicants for readmission are advised to consult with their academic unit/program about graduate student funding eligibility, where applicable.

Students who withdraw from the university at any time retain the final grades in courses completed prior to the date of their withdrawal. Students who withdraw after the deadline for dropping courses will have uncompleted courses recorded as a failure and these will be included in the cumulative grade point average (GPA).

The refund policy is outlined in detail in the fees section of this calendar.

Students who withdraw or change their status to part-time before the end of term will be required to repay, on a prorated basis, any scholarship funds previously paid to the student.