Inactive Status

University policy is that, under normal circumstances, all graduate students must maintain continuous enrolment until graduation. If circumstances arise that prevent students from remaining engaged in their academic work (e.g., illness, family emergencies, unexpected financial necessity that University funding cannot ameliorate, or career change), they may petition for inactive status (i.e., a leave of absence from their studies).

Normally, inactive status will be approved only once for a maximum of two terms. Students who require more than two terms of leave should voluntarily withdraw from their program (see policy on Withdrawal from the University) until they are ready to return to their studies.

Inactive status for maternity/parental leave may be granted for up to three consecutive terms and is not subject to the one-time only provision.

Students who are granted inactive status will not be required to pay fees during that term; consequently, they will not have access to university facilities or faculty.

Terms spent on inactive status do not count toward degree program time limits or the number of terms that graduate students may be eligible for financial support from the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

A petition for inactive status should indicate: i) the number of terms of inactive status requested; ii) the date of commencement of the first such term; and iii) the reason(s) why inactive status is required (including documentation, if applicable). An appeal to the Graduate Student Appeals is required.