Conflicts of Interest

All academic evaluations, including grading and the writing of reference letters, must be governed by fairness and objectivity. Fairness and objectivity may be, or may be seen to be, compromised or eliminated if the evaluation is initiated or completed, even in part, by a person with whom there is a close relationship (e.g., parent or other family member, partner in an intimate relationship, housemate or a person with whom one has a non-academic financial relationship). If such a relationship exists between a student and an evaluator (e.g., professor, supervisor, tutor, marker, teaching assistant, lab demonstrator or members of comprehensive or thesis examination committees), both parties have a responsibility to declare a potential conflict of interest to the chairperson, associate dean (Business) or dean (Social Work), who shall assist in arranging an alternative evaluation procedure, if necessary.

See the WLU Conflicts of Interest policy.