Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts at Laurier is comprised of 160 full-time faculty members who teach in 17 different academic programs. It is an intriguing and balanced mixture of 11 traditional liberal arts departments and 6 innovative interdisciplinary programs. Indeed, a hallmark of the Faculty is the manner in which we emphasize both solid disciplinary training and research while encouraging and attaining innovations in interdisciplinary programming and projects.

Graduate programs are offered by the departments of English and Film Studies (MA, PhD), Geography and Environmental Studies (MA, MES, PhD), History (MA, PhD), Philosophy (PhD), Political Science (MA) and Religion and Culture (MA, PhD).

  • MA - Master of Arts
  • MES - Master of Environmental Studies in Geography
  • PhD - Doctor of Philosophy
English MA | PhD
Geography and Environmental Studies MA | MES | PhD
History MA | PhD
Philosophy PhD
Political Science MA
Religion and Culture MA | PhD