Faculty of Science

Laurier's Faculty of Science includes six academic departments: biology, chemistry, kinesiology & physical education, mathematics, physics & computer science, and psychology. Graduate degrees are offered in the department of mathematics (MSc) and in psychology (MSc, MA and PhD).

The Faculty of Science is a community with particular commitments to research and the advancement of scientific knowledge. We are dedicated to producing graduates of the highest calibre, equipped to make substantial contributions to Canadian society.

For science students, we provide an opportunity to work with world class research-active faculty who bring excitement for their discipline to the classroom. Our students have a share in scientific progress. At the same time, the Faculty is a relatively small, unique community of scientists, and our students benefit from the personal attention they receive.

  • MA - Master of Arts
  • MSc - Master of Science
  • PhD - Doctor of Philosophy
Kinesiology and Physical Education MSc
Mathematics MSc
Psychology MA | MSc | PhD