Advanced Standing and Transfer of Credit

Normally, no more than two half-credit courses may be transferred from another university for credit towards a graduate degree at WLU. These credits must be "unused" credits, i.e., they must not have been credited towards an earlier earned degree or diploma at WLU or at another university or college. Additional allowance of course credit may be granted towards the MDiv degree. For further details, refer to the sections of the Graduate Calendar which describe these programs. In these programs students will be required to complete at least an equivalent of one academic year of full-time study at Laurier.

Permission to receive course credit towards a graduate degree at WLU for courses taken previously at another university may be granted at the discretion of the dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies upon the written recommendation of the department chairperson and graduate co-ordinator. In the case of programs offered by Martin Luther University College, that Admission Committee makes this decision upon recommendation of the faculty. This recommendation must be supported by a statement regarding the appropriateness of the course(s) to the individual's particular degree program at WLU. In addition, the grade(s) earned in the course(s) must meet the equivalent minimum grade required of all graduate students at WLU. Courses considered for credit normally must have been taken within five years of the date of admission into a graduate program at WLU.