Doctoral Program

At a minimum, doctoral students must attain at least a B grade in each course. Some programs have additional requirements concerning satisfactory performance. Doctoral students in English, geography and environmental studies and history programs must attain a minimum grade of B+ in each course to be eligible to continue in the program. Consult the specific program section in the Graduate Calendar for details.

In addition, doctoral students are required to submit, by April 15 annually, a report outlining their progress in the program over the past year (May 1-April 30). This report is to be submitted to their advisor, (or graduate program co-ordinator). The advisory committee (or graduate program co-ordinator if no advisory committee is yet established) reviews the report and completes the annual evaluation of a student's overall program of studies and research. The report, when completed and assessed, must be filed with the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies by June 1. In the event that progress is deemed unsatisfactory, the department may recommend to the associate vice-president and dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies that the student be required to withdraw.

Assessments are intended to confirm that the student is making timely progress to degree, and to identify areas where additional supports/training may be required. As a result, the process of assessment is designed to address areas for improvement, as well as to identify the successes achieved. Students have two opportunities to return to Satisfactory standing following an assessment of Some Concerns.