Auditing Courses

 As a candidate for a graduate degree, a student may register to audit the equivalent of one full-credit course in any graduate or undergraduate program at Laurier without being assessed any additional fees. Courses taken for audit will not count for credit towards the student's degree program, nor will the student be allowed to write final examinations or receive grades for courses which are audited. However, students are expected to attend regularly and participate fully by completing all other elements of the course.

Courses which are audited will be recorded on the student's transcript and the term "AUD'' will appear in lieu of a grade. If the instructor reports that the student did not attend, the course will be removed from the student's record. In order to audit a course, students must enter the course number and designation "audit'' on their Graduate Program Change Request form and obtain the written approval of their graduate co-ordinator and of the course instructor.

Graduate students who wish to audit more than the equivalent of one full-credit course during their tenure as graduate students at Laurier normally will be assessed an additional fee.