Laurier Brantford

Laurier's campus in Brantford, Ontario, has carved out its own niche, providing unique programs that complement those available at Laurier's Waterloo campus. Program offerings at Laurier Brantford revolve around a unique two-credit (four half-credit courses) core curriculum, Foundations. The four courses in Foundations map out an essential foundation for all students entering programs at Brantford: an ability to master the specific skills needed for research in the humanities and social sciences, and the ability to think critically about the ideas that have shaped the contemporary world. A variety of honours programs, such as Business Technology Management, Criminology, Digital Media & Journalism, English, French Teaching Option, Health Administration, Health Studies, History, Human Rights & Human Diversity, Law & Society, Leadership, Psychology (BA, Comprehensive), Society, Culture & Environment, and Youth and Children's Studies can be taken by part-time study. Laurier Brantford also offers a wide range of minors and options listed below.

For more information about becoming a part-time Laurier Brantford student, please contact the Recruitment Office at 519-756-8228, ext. 5777 or by email at If you are a current student, please contact us at 519-756-8228 ext. 5885 or by email at

Programs at Laurier Brantford


Faculty of Human and Social Sciences

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Faculty of Liberal Arts

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Faculty of Social Work

Social Work (honours)