Course Listings

Course Offerings
DepartmentCourse #TitleCredits
Business (Waterloo Campus) BU231 Business Law 0.50
  BU233 Personal Finance 0.50
  BU247 Managerial Accounting 0.50
Anthropology Program AN101 Sociocultural Anthropology 0.50
Archaeology & Classical Studies CL225 History of Ancient Greece 0.50
Astronomy (PC/CP Dept) AS101 Astronomy I: Our place in the cosmos 0.50
  AS102 Astronomy II: Journey through the cosmos 0.50
Business BU227 Introduction to Financial Accounting 0.50
Children's Education & Development Option CO230 Children and Music 0.50
Communication Studies CS212 Language, Communication and Culture 0.50
Computer Science (PC/CP Dept) CP102 Information Processing with Microcomputer Systems 0.50
Contemporary Studies Program CT212 Environmental Issues and Responses 0.50
Economics EC120 Introduction to Microeconomics 0.50
  EC140 Introduction to Macroeconomics 0.50
  EC223 Economics of the Canadian Banking and Financial System 0.50
  EC238 Environmental Economics 0.50
  EC248 Economics of Health 0.50
  EC250 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis for Management 0.50
  EC260 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis for Management 0.50
Education Minor EM101 Images of Education in Media- NEW! 0.50
English EN119 Reading Fiction 0.50
  EN201 Children's Literature 0.50
  EN246 The English Literary Tradition II 0.50
Environmental Studies ES101 Introduction to Environmental Studies 0.50
  ES102 Environmental Problems and Approaches 0.50
  ES290 Global Resource and Environmental Issues 0.50
  ES295 Ecotourism and the Environment 0.50
  ES391 Wildlife and Rural Land Resources Management 0.50
French (Lang/Lit) FR101 Introductory French I 0.50
  FR102 Introductory French II 0.50
  FR230 Practical French I 0.50
  FR231 Practical French II 0.50
Geography GG101 Introduction to Physical Geography 0.50
  GG102 Introduction to Human Geography 0.50
  GG231 Risks and Disasters: A Geographical Introduction 0.50
  GG271 Temporal Perspectives on the City 0.50
  GG290 Global Resource and Environmental Issues 0.50
  GG354 The Canadian North 0.50
  GG391 Wildlife and Rural Land Resources Management 0.50
Global Studies GS212 Practices of Development 0.50
  GS222 Contemporary Western Societies: Globalization and Cultures 0.50
  GS323 Global Migrations, Refugees and Diasporas 0.50
  GS331 Contemporary Global Conflicts and the Search for Peace 0.50
History HI104 European Civilization from the Ancient World to the Enlightenment 0.50
  HI105 European Civilization from the Enlightenment to the Present 0.50
  HI212 French Canada Before Confederation 0.50
  HI213 French Canada After Confederation 0.50
  HI225 History of Ancient Greece 0.50
  HI248 The Second World War 0.50
  HI249 The Impact of the Second World War, 1939-1948 0.50
  HI375 Seeking Justice: The Family and Law in Canada, 1867-1969 0.50
Music Courses: Non-Music Majors MU275 Music of the World 0.50
Philosophy PP110 Values and Society 0.50
  PP111 Knowledge and Reality 0.50
  PP201 Reasoning and Argumentation 0.50
  PP209 Philosophy of Religion 0.50
  PP217 Medical Ethics 0.50
  PP223 Contemporary Moral Issues 0.50
  PP224 Philosophy and the Environment 0.50
  PP230 The Quest for World Peace 0.50
  PP247 Business Ethics 0.50
Psychology PS101 Introduction to Psychology I 0.50
  PS102 Introduction to Psychology II 0.50
  PS260 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology 0.50
  PS261 Introduction to Learning 0.50
  PS262 Introduction to Perception 0.50
  PS263 Biopsychology 0.50
  PS268 Drugs and Behaviour 0.50
  PS270 Social Psychology 0.50
  PS275 Developmental Psychology I: Infancy and Childhood 0.50
  PS276 Developmental Psychology II: Adolescence and Young Adulthood 0.50
  PS280 Abnormal Psychology 0.50
  PS390 History of Psychology 0.50
Religion & Culture RE103 Love and Its Myths 0.50
  RE104 Evil and Its Symbols 0.50
  RE212 World Religions in Cultural Perspective 1.00
  RE220 Religion and Popular Culture 0.50
  RE233 Stories and the Sacred 0.50
  RE265 Cults, Sects and New Religious Movements 0.50
  RE313 Grief, Death and Dying 0.50
  RE321 Gandhi: Non-Violence and the Struggle for Freedom 0.50
  RE335 Jesus of Nazareth 0.50
  RE337 Asian Spiritual Practices 0.50
  RE348 Psychology and Religion 0.50
Social Welfare (OC) SL100 Introduction to Social Welfare 1.00
Sociology SY101 Introduction to Sociology 0.50
  SY201 Sociology of Families 1.00
  SY203 Sociological Theory 1.00
  SY210 Social Inequality 0.50
  SY224 Sociology of Work 0.50
  SY241 Sociology of Crime: Structural Perspectives 0.50
  SY242 Sociology of Crime: Interpretive Perspectives 0.50
  SY280 Quantitative Methods 0.50
  SY281 Qualitative Methods 0.50
  SY307 Political Sociology 0.50
  SY321 Sociology of Medicine 0.50
  SY322 Sociology of Health and Illness 0.50
Women and Gender Studies Program WS100 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies 0.50
  WS204 Women, Gender and Work 0.50