Important Mid-term and Final Examination

Choosing an Examination Centre

Most students registered in online learning courses write mid-term tests and/or final examinations at a pre-established centre. Centres are located in Brantford and Waterloo. Choose the centre that is nearest to you. You are expected to write all mid-term tests and final examinations at your chosen exam centre (i.e., as selected on your Online Learning Term form). If you arrive at an exam centre other than the one you selected, you may not be accommodated. Please bring your Laurier identification to your exam. If there are any changes, please contact the Centre for Online Learning at least ten business days prior to the exam.

If you live more than 100 km away from the nearest centre, choose the centre "other." Students classified as "other" will be responsible for making arrangements and paying for their own proctor and any associated fees (e.g., courier fees). You must be registered at the same centre for ALL online learning courses.

If you require accommodation for special needs, you are required to register with the Accessible Learning Centre at the beginning of term. Please bring your Laurier identification to your exam. You can confirm your exam centre via the 'Grades' link in the Online Learning - Student Information course in MyLearningSpace. This will be posted approximately three weeks into term.

Mid-term Examination Information

The mid-term examination schedule is posted at the beginning of each term on the Centre for Online Learning website at You can also find a copy of the schedule in the Online Learning - Student Information in MyLearningSpace. Students are responsible for checking the schedule and making the appropriate arrangements (e.g., time off work) to write course mid-terms. Remember to bring your photo ID to the exam and to read the policy for writing online learning mid-terms ahead of time. Deferred exams are granted in limited circumstances and for legitimate reasons only (e.g., medical, bereavement, family emergency). Vacations plans are not legitimate grounds for a deferral. Not all online learning course instructors allow deferments. Please refer to the online learning website for further information.

Final Examination Information

The final examination schedule is posted at mid-way through the term. Please note that final examinations are handled by the Examinations Office (within the Registrar's Office) and are not administered by the Centre for Online Learning. Remember to bring your photo ID to the exam and to read the policy for writing final exams ahead of time.

Important Proctor Information (for "other" students)

Students who select "other" for their exam centre are responsible for arranging and paying for an approved proctor to supervise the writing of their mid-term and final examinations. Two separate forms must be completed: one for mid-terms (due on the first Friday of term) and one for finals. Proctor forms (which include return dates) can be found online under forms on the Online Learning website and the Office of the Registrar website

Acceptable proctors include faculty of a university or college, a principal of a secondary or primary school, and university examination officers. Approved proctors are required to follow the rules and regulations for the writing of examinations set by Wilfrid Laurier University. The examination must be invigilated by the appointed proctor at the scheduled time and date on university, college or school property. The proctor must not be related to the student in any way and must not reside at the same address.

Students writing outside of Canada and the United States are required to write with an accredited university under the supervision of an approved faculty member in good standing. Documentation from the overseas institution is mandatory. The university and proctor must be approved before examination materials will be mailed.

Approval for mid-term proctors must be obtained through the Centre for Online Learning. Approval for finals must be obtained through the Office of the Registrar.