Interactive Script Writing for Film, Theatre & Television

This web-based course will introduce you to the craft of writing scripts for film, television and the theatre.

When you enrol you will be given a password that unlocks the entrance to the first level of writing challenges. Every step along the way you will submit writing assignments for feedback. Your fee purchases a set number of feedback opportunities, and you set the pace for your submissions.

You are free to select from among a variety of pathways and approaches. You might choose to move quickly through the guided steps for an overview, or you might undertake a series of challenges designed to improve competence in a single facet of script writing. Access to the course will be available on October 29, 2012. Your first login must happen by November 26, 2012 in order for your account to remain active. Course to be completed by April 30, 2013.

Successful completion of each level opens the doorway to the next set of challenges. Returning students receive a password to the level achieved.

This course has been designed by and will be administered by Dr. Leslie O'Dell; feedback will be provided by Dr. O'Dell or by freelance professional writers under her supervision.

Please note: you will require a computer and Internet access to participate in this course.

Course Information
Course Format: 
Start Date: October 29, 2012
Tuition: $135 (includes HST)
Instructor: Dr. Leslie O'Dell

Registration Form

For details on how to submit your registration, please refer to the registration form, or visit the Registration section. Phone 519.884.0710 ext. 6036 or email if you require additional information.