Course Listings

Course Offerings
DepartmentCourse #TitleCredits
Anthropology Program AN101 Sociocultural Anthropology 0.50
Arabic (Lang/Lit) AB102 Elementary Modern Standard Arabic II 0.50
  AB395 Special Topics 0.50
Archaeology & Classical Studies AR217 Archaeological Laboratory Methods 0.50
  AR219 Introduction to Field Archaeology 1.00
  CL102 Roman Civilization 0.50
Astronomy (PC/CP Dept) AS101 Astronomy I: Our place in the cosmos 0.50
  AS102 Astronomy II: Journey through the cosmos 0.50
Biology BI226 Genetics 0.50
  BI236 Cell and Molecular Biology 0.50
  BI276 Life on Earth: Microbes 0.50
  BI367 Field Botany - Flora of Ontario 0.50
  BI396 Special Topics in Biology 0.50
  BI496 Special Topics in Advanced Biology 0.50
Business BU111 Understanding the Business Environment 0.50
  BU121 Functional Areas of the Organization 0.50
  BU227 Introduction to Financial Accounting 0.50
  BU227 Introduction to Financial Accounting 0.50
  BU231 Business Law 0.50
  BU231 Business Law 0.50
  BU233 Personal Finance 0.50
  BU247 Managerial Accounting 0.50
  BU247 Managerial Accounting 0.50
  BU275 Business Decision Models 0.50
  BU275 Business Decision Models 0.50
  BU352 Introduction to Marketing Management 0.50
  BU353 Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance 0.50
  BU357 Taxation 0.50
  BU362 Building and Managing Products, Services and Brands 0.50
  BU383 Financial Management I 0.50
  BU387 Intermediate Accounting I 0.50
  BU393 Financial Management II 0.50
  BU397 Intermediate Accounting II 0.50
  BU412 Services Marketing Management 0.50
  BU413 Personal Financial Planning and Management 0.50
  BU415 Introduction to Management Information Systems 0.50
  BU417 Financial Statement Analysis 0.50
  BU423 Options, Futures and Swaps 0.50
  BU440 New Venture Creation 0.50
  BU443 International Financial Management 0.50
  BU447 Advanced Auditing 0.50
  BU456 Computer Auditing and Control 0.50
  BU457 Financial Accounting Theory 0.50
  BU463 Advanced Corporate Finance 0.50
  BU466 Advanced Taxation 0.50
  BU467 Advanced Management Accounting 0.50
  BU469 Global Marketing Management 0.50
  BU472 Marketing Communications 0.50
  BU473 Investment Management 0.50
  BU477 Auditing 0.50
  BU479 High-Tech Marketing 0.50
  BU481 Business Policy I 0.50
  BU485 Environmental Management for Operations 0.50
  BU486 Information Systems Development, Control and Audit 0.50
  BU487 Advanced Accounting 0.50
  BU491 Business Policy II 0.50
  BU492 Seminar in Marketing 0.50
  BU493 Seminar in Finance 0.50
  BU497 Seminar in Accounting 0.50
Business Technology Management Program MB224 Organizational Leadership 0.50
Chemistry CH111 Fundamentals of Chemistry II 0.50
Children's Education & Development Option CO230 Children and Music 0.50
  CO326 Children, Toys and Media 0.50
  CO430 Youth Cultures 0.50
Communication Studies CS100 Introduction to Media History 0.50
  CS101 Mass Communication in Canada 0.50
  CS202 Nonverbal Communication 0.50
  CS206 Public Communication 0.50
  CS212 Language, Communication and Culture 0.50
  CS325 Digital Media and Culture 0.50
Computer Science (PC/CP Dept) CP102 Information Processing with Microcomputer Systems 0.50
  CP104 Introduction to Programming 0.50
  CP212 Windows Application Programming 0.50
  CP317 Software Engineering 0.50
Contemporary Studies Program CT121 The World in the 21st Century 0.50
  CT122 Social and Political Thought 0.50
  CT201 Criminology and Contemporary Issues 0.50
  CT203 Disease and Society 0.50
  CT212 Environmental Issues and Responses 0.50
  CT220 Contemporary Studies Methodologies 0.50
  CT221 Applied Scientific Reasoning 0.50
  CT222 Navigating the Information Environment 0.50
  CT224 Organizational Leadership 0.50
  CT253 Ancients and Moderns 0.50
  CT260 Introduction to Human Rights 0.50
  CT324 Encounters with the Global 0.50
  CT326 Children, Toys and Media 0.50
  CT327 Understanding Popular Culture 0.50
  CT345 Applied Democracy 0.50
  CT400 Contemporary Topics 0.50
  CT430 Youth Cultures 0.50
Criminology CC200 Youth Justice 0.50
  CC201 Criminology and Contemporary Issues 0.50
Economics EC120 Introduction to Microeconomics 0.50
  EC140 Introduction to Macroeconomics 0.50
  EC223 Economics of the Canadian Banking and Financial System 0.50
  EC238 Environmental Economics 0.50
  EC250 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis for Management 0.50
  EC370 Microeconomic Theory II 0.50
  EC481 Research Paper and Seminar 0.50
English EN119 Reading Fiction 0.50
  EN201 Children's Literature 0.50
  EN234 Shakespeare's Tragedies and History Plays 0.50
  EN246 The English Literary Tradition II 0.50
  EN267 Contemporary Canadian Fiction 0.50
Environmental Studies ES101 Introduction to Environmental Studies 0.50
  ES295 Ecotourism and the Environment 0.50
French (Lang/Lit) FR101 Introductory French I 0.50
  FR101 Introductory French I 0.50
  FR102 Introductory French II 0.50
  FR230 Practical French I 0.50
  FR231 Practical French II 0.50
Geography GG101 Introduction to Physical Geography 0.50
  GG102 Introduction to Human Geography 0.50
  GG231 Risks and Disasters: A Geographical Introduction 0.50
  GG271 Temporal Perspectives on the City 0.50
  GG290 Global Resource and Environmental Issues 0.50
  GG294 Geography of Tourism 0.50
  GG354 The Canadian North 0.50
  GG391 Wildlife and Rural Land Resources Management 0.50
German (Lang/Lit) GM110 Introductory German I 0.50
Global Studies GS212 Practices of Development 0.50
  GS222 Contemporary Western Societies: Globalization and Cultures 0.50
  GS323 Global Migrations, Refugees and Diasporas 0.50
  GS331 Contemporary Global Conflicts and the Search for Peace 0.50
Health Studies Program HS203 Disease and Society 0.50
History HI104 European Civilization from the Ancient World to the Enlightenment 0.50
  HI105 European Civilization from the Enlightenment to the Present 0.50
  HI212 French Canada Before Confederation 0.50
  HI213 French Canada After Confederation 0.50
  HI216 England in the Central and Late Middle Ages, 1066-1485 0.50
  HI248 The Second World War 0.50
  HI249 The Impact of the Second World War, 1939-1948 0.50
  HI346 Special Topics 0.50
  HI374 Jews, ‘Witches’ & Heretics: Persecution & Toleration in pre-Modern Europe c. 1050-1700 0.50
  HI375 Seeking Justice: The Family and Law in Canada, 1867-1969 0.50
Human Rights & Human Diversity Program HR260 Introduction to Human Rights 0.50
Italian (Lang/Lit) IT101 Introduction to Italian I 0.50
  IT102 Introduction to Italian II 0.50
Journalism Program JN222 Navigating the Information Environment 0.50
Leadership Program OL224 Organizational Leadership 0.50
Mathematics MA101 Calculus I for the Natural Sciences 0.50
  MA103 Calculus I 0.50
  MA104 Calculus II 0.50
  MA121 Introduction to Mathematical Proofs 0.50
  MA122 Introductory Linear Algebra 0.50
  MA129 Introductory Calculus for Business and Social Sciences 0.50
  MA170 Introduction to Mathematics for Finance 0.50
  MA205 Differential Equations I 0.50
Media Studies Option MX222 Navigating the Information Environment 0.50
Music Courses: BMus, Diplomas or by Dean's Permission only MU236 Musical Skills Lab III 0.25
  MU237 Musical Skills Lab IV 0.25
  MU264 Theory III and IV 1.00
  MU275 Music of the World 0.50
  MU280 Special Topics in Music 0.50
  MU301 Managing an Arts-Centered Career 0.50
  MU380 Special Topics in Music 0.50
North American Studies Program NO219 Canadian Studies for International Degree-seeking and Exchange Students 0.50
Philosophy PP110 Values and Society 0.50
  PP111 Knowledge and Reality 0.50
  PP201 Reasoning and Argumentation 0.50
  PP209 Philosophy of Religion 0.50
  PP217 Medical Ethics 0.50
  PP223 Contemporary Moral Issues 0.50
  PP224 Philosophy and the Environment 0.50
  PP230 The Quest for World Peace 0.50
  PP239 Explorations of the Self 0.50
  PP247 Business Ethics 0.50
Psychology PS101 Introduction to Psychology I 0.50
  PS102 Introduction to Psychology II 0.50
  PS260 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology 0.50
  PS262 Sensory Processes and Perception 0.50
  PS263 Biopsychology 0.50
  PS268 Drugs and Behaviour 0.50
  PS270 Social Psychology 0.50
  PS275 Developmental Psychology I: Infancy and Childhood 0.50
  PS276 Developmental Psychology II: Adolescence and Young Adulthood 0.50
  PS280 Abnormal Psychology 0.50
  PS291 Introduction to Research Methods 0.50
  PS292 Introduction to Statistics 0.50
Religion & Culture RE103 Love and Its Myths 0.50
  RE104 Evil and Its Symbols 0.50
  RE212 World Religions in Cultural Perspective 1.00
  RE220 Religion and Popular Culture 0.50
  RE233 Stories and the Sacred 0.50
  RE265 Cults, Sects and New Religious Movements 0.50
  RE313 Grief, Death and Dying 0.50
  RE321 Gandhi: Non-Violence and the Struggle for Freedom 0.50
  RE335 Jesus of Nazareth 0.50
  RE337 Asian Spiritual Disciplines 0.50
  RE348 Psychology and Religion 0.50
Social Welfare (OC) SL100 Introduction to Social Welfare 1.00
Sociology SY101 Introduction to Sociology 0.50
  SY102 Critical Analysis of Social Issues 0.50
  SY201 Sociology of Families 1.00
  SY203 Sociological Theory 1.00
  SY210 Social Inequality 0.50
  SY224 Sociology of Work 0.50
  SY241 Sociology of Crime: Structural Perspectives 0.50
  SY242 Sociology of Crime: Interpretive Perspectives 0.50
  SY280 Research Methods I 0.50
  SY281 Research Methods II 0.50
  SY323 Sociology of Health, Illness and Medicine 1.00
Spanish (Lang/Lit) SP101 Introduction to Spanish I 0.50
  SP102 Introduction to Spanish II 0.50
Women and Gender Studies Program WS100 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies 0.50
  WS203 Girls, Women and Popular Culture 0.50
  WS204 Women, Gender and Work 0.50