Important Information

Important information for students is available at the Online Learning website at

Specific Course Information

For each course, a detailed account of course fees and learning materials is provided online from the Centre for Online Learning website under Course Information. Also included is the instructor name, calendar description and a copy of the most current course outline, if available.

Course Access

Approximately one week prior to the start of term students receive access to their online learning courses via their MyWebCT account. NOTE: Avoid login and registration problems that may result from holds on your account by paying your fees in a timely manner. Refer to your LORIS student account for outstanding balances.

The Online Learning Student Guide

Provides links to important academic and student support units (e.g., final exams, the writing centre, etc.) Printable forms, assignment submission and midterm test information, FAQs and more are also available from the Online Learning website

Administration Fee

All online learning courses have an administration fee. This fee is non-refundable and charged to every student. 

Online Learning Course Materials

All textbooks, course packs, media (videotapes, CDs, video CD-ROMs, DVDs are available to student on loan) and miscellaneous materials are provided through the Centre for Online Learning. Availability of materials is guaranteed up until the Friday of the second week of classes.

Online Learning Forms requesting materials be shipped that are received after the online learning deadlines listed in Important Dates are subject to a $50 shipping fee.


Some online learning courses include a videotape (1/2" VHS tape), video CD-ROM, and /or DVD requirement. Please note only media for PC-based computers is provided; if you use a Mac, you may need to obtain Mac-based software elsewhere. These materials are loaned to students through the Centre for Online Learning. Students are charged a deposit for use of these materials, which is credited back to their account when the materials are returned to the Centre for Online Learning. A Media Return form must be completed and included with the videos. The Media Return Form clearly indicates the deadline for returns.

Students who plan to study in a country or region whose technology does not support North American VHS tapes are asked to contact the Centre for Online Learning as early as possible to make arrangements for an alternate video format. Please note: Some courses may have the video packaged for sale with the textbooks. Other courses with videotapes may not be available in alternate formats.

When returning your video materials, you are responsible for all fees associated with their return (e.g., shipping, customs).

It is your responsibility to verify the working order of video materials at the beginning of the term. If you return your media after the return deadline date specified above, you will forfeit 100% of your deposit. If you fail to return the complete set of media by the deadline date, you will forfeit a percentage of your deposit. A minimum charge of $25 or the current replacement value item, whichever is greater, will be deducted from your refund for lost or damaged material.

GST Information

GST is not applied to tuition fees for degree-credit courses or to the deposit on VHS videotapes, video CD-ROMs and DVDs. However, it is included in text fees.