Registration Information

Registration Dates

Please visit for a detailed listing of registration dates using LORIS depending on your year and faculty.

Confirmation of Registration

It is the responsibility of the student to verify his or her registration status online by logging in through the Laurier Online Registration and Information System (LORIS). Details and procedures are available to assist you with your registration.

How to Get to LORIS

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Academic Info", then on "Check Your Marks"
  3. Click on link to Telaris
  4. Enter secure area
  5. Log in process:
    • User name is your nine-digit student ID number 
    • Personal Identification Number (PIN) if you have never logged into LORIS, your PIN is automatically set as your date of birth (MMDDYY). For first-time users, once you have entered the date of birth PIN, you will be asked to select a new six-digit PIN (this number cannot start with a zero and must only be numbers, no letters).
    • If you have previously been a LORIS user and have forgotten your PIN, please telephone the Office of the Registrar to have it reset.


  1. If you have outstanding fees, LORIS will not allow you to access your registration information.
  2. Registration forms will no longer be printed or mailed. Students are encouraged to print off any changes made using LORIS.

Maximum Registration

During the September to December or January to April terms, you may register for a maximum of 1.5 credits (or the equivalent) during each term as a part-time student.
Students admitted on Adult or Academic Probation status by the Admissions Office may only register for 1.0 credit (or the equivalent) during each of the September to December, January to April, or May to August terms. The Offer of Admission will clearly outline the conditions of academic student probation and credit and GPA requirements needed to qualify as a Regular student.

Adding or Changing a Course

If you wish to change or add a course, you must use the LORIS system by the appropriate deadline. If you do not have internet access, you must submit your request in writing to the Office of the Registrar. Notice by telephone is not acceptable.


To withdraw from a course, use the LORIS system by the appropriate deadline. If you do not have internet access, inform the Office of the Registrar in writing. Notice by telephone is not acceptable and non-payment of fees or failure to attend lectures does not constitute a withdrawal.

If you wish to withdraw without academic penalty, you must do so using LORIS or in writing before the last day to drop without failure. Please review the section Important Dates to find the information.

Transfer from Part-time Status to Full-time Status

Part-time students wishing to request transfer to full-time status must submit a Request for Full-time Studies form to the Office of the Registrar. The form is available from the Office of the Registrar website

Letter of Permission Students

Students registering on a Letter of Permission are required to submit, by the Application for Admission deadline, the following documentation:

  1. Letter of Permission from the home university
  2. Application for Admission your program code is UZ
  3. Intent to Register
  4. Online Learning Form, if applicable


You may check your grades on the Web at any time once they are posted on the Unofficial Record of Course Work. Official grades and academic progression decisions are posted under the term of study (i.e., Spring 2009). For instructions, please see How to Get to LORIS (above).