Principal Rules

The academic regulations include the requirements which must be fulfilled in order to graduate with a given degree, as well as any general rules which structure the academic experience of the student. Such rules pertain to standards and procedures used in determining academic standing and progression, methods of evaluation, registration in courses, and overall conduct of the student. For non-degree students, the academic regulations for the general-level degree programs will apply except where additional requirements are specified.

The academic regulations governing a student's program shall be those in effect at the time of initial registration at Wilfrid Laurier University, except that when academic regulations are changed prior to the completion of the academic program, the student may choose to have the new set of regulations apply. Exceptions to this rule are detailed below:

Where a student requests a change in program, and the change is authorized by an official of the university (chair/undergraduate advisor of department of the program, dean or associate dean/assistant dean of the faculty), the student is bound by the requirements of the program as they exist at the time they enter the program. Students who are required to transfer from honours to general, may meet the academic regulations in effect for the general program without designation at the time of transfer or those in effect at the time of initial registration in the honours program.

If the student is not registered in any Wilfrid Laurier University course for a period of 18 or more consecutive months, the academic regulations in effect at the time of re-entry to the academic program shall apply.

Students may not hold a minor in a field in which they have an honours major or option.