Non-Honours Programs

Students are admitted to Laurier into honours programs only. Due to the achievement of inadequate GPA or course results, a student will be withdrawn from the honours program and placed in a general degree without designation. General degrees are normally three-year programs including a minimum of 15.0 credits. General Bachelor of Science (BSc) programs are intended for students taking courses in the natural sciences, computer science, mathematics or psychology. General Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs are intended for students taking courses in biology, computer science, kinesiology and physical education, mathematics and psychology, or any subject in the social sciences or humanities. General degrees in the Faculty of Science do not have a major, option or minor.

Students who have completed four years of an honours program but are unable to achieve the GPA necessary to graduate, may receive a BA or BSc degree (without general or honours) with the major of the honours program and a maximum of two eligible options/minors denoted on the transcript.