Honours Programs

The primary objective of every honours program is to develop knowledge, appreciation and skills in the student's chosen honours subject(s), while at the same time fostering a perspective on the relation of the honours subject(s) to other disciplines. Honours programs require a minimum of 20.0 credits, and are normally completed over a four-year period.

Honours Bachelor of Science (BSc) programs emphasize the interrelationships among the sciences, in addition to the intensive study of one or more specific subjects in this area. Honours BSc programs are available in applied water science, biochemistry and biotechnology, biology, chemistry, computer science, computing and computer electronics, data science, environmental science, financial mathematics, health sciences, mathematics, physics, psychology and science. The BKin is available in kinesiology and physical education.

Honours Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs provide concentration in subjects in the social and natural sciences, as well as opportunities for students to become aware of the relation of their honours subject(s) to other disciplines in the sciences, humanities, social sciences and elsewhere. Honours BA programs are available in biology, computer science, financial mathematics, mathematics and psychology.