Policy on Credit for Outside Ensemble

In order to accommodate instrumentalists in the Faculty of Music, students may be allowed to play in the K-W Youth Orchestra for university ensemble credit. Students who are taking WLUSO or Wind Ensemble for credit may NOT play in the KWYO for university ensemble credit (though they may play in those ensembles as extra-curricular activities).

In addition, the following regulations concerning performance in these outside ensembles for university ensemble credit apply:

  1. Students must audition for placement in the ensemble.
  2. Students may enroll for credit in the KWYO only when there are no instrumental positions available in the WLUSO or Wind Ensemble.
  3. The experience must be comparable to performing with the WLUSO or Wind Ensemble (in terms of rehearsal time, number of concerts and level of repertoire performed).
  4. Only that portion of the concert year of the KWYO will count towards their WLU ensemble credit; if the ensemble performs beyond the university term, students will not be marked on performances during that time-frame beyond the end of term.
  5. Any outside ensemble that is offered for credit must be directed by a full-time faculty member of the Faculty of Music.
  6. Students who are paying for a credit course at the university will not be asked to pay fees to be a member of the KWYO.
  7. Mock auditions - a routine part of Laurier ensembles - will also occur in the KWYO and will form part of the students' grades.
  8. The attendance and grading policies for students taking KWYO for credit are the same as those for Laurier ensembles, as specified in the Music Student Handbook.
Faculty of Music Policy Website: https://legacy.wlu.ca/page.php?grp_id=29&p=15660