OSAP Students

Submit online OSAP application and all required supporting documentation online, or to Service Laurier by the following dates:

Fall term: July 31, 2017
Winter term: December 4, 2017
Spring term: April 15, 2017

ATTENTION: Students, if you have opted out of having your fees automatically sent to Laurier, you will be required to pay any outstanding term fees by the due date specified on the invoice. If you do not meet the due date, you will also be responsible for late fees* applied to your account. Opting out of having your fees sent directly to your LORIS student account may also affect your registration if fees are not paid by the final de-registration due date.

To reverse the direction of your OSAP, email studentawards@wlu.ca  from your mylaurier email account. Please note that deadline dates will apply. Students should check the Student Awards web site students.wlu.ca/osap  for specific details pertaining to this position.