Ashoughian, Gohar, (MLS, CLIS): University Librarian

Bertrand, Gordon, (MLIS, BEd): Associate University Librarian

Chaves, Debbie, (BSc, MSc, PhD, MLIS): Science Librarian

Dewan, Pauline, (BA, MA, PhD, MLIS): Laurier/Nippissing Librarian (on leave)

Fesnak, Vera, (BA, MLS): Head, Copyright and Resource Delivery

Fischer, Meredith, (MLIS); Social Sciences and Humanities Liaison Librarian

Genzinger, Peter, (BES, MA, MLIS):Librarian (on leave)

Gillies, Scott, (BA, MA, MLIS); Associate University Librarian

Goodridge, Michelle, Liaison Librarian, Game Design and Development

Hendry, Julia, (BA, MA, MLIS): Head, Archives and Special Collections

Hong, Eun-ha, (BA): Liaison Librarian, Library Services for International Students

Inglis, Fiona, (Master of Information); Social Sciences and Humanities Liaison Librarian

Innerd, Charlotte A. M., (BA, MA, MLIS): Head, Collection Development and Acquisitions

Kelly, Anne, (BA, MLIS): Outreach and Liaison (on leave)

LeBlanc, Hélène, (BA, MLIS): Reference/Collections Librarian

Li, Yanli, (MLIS, PhD); Business and Economics Librarian

Matesic, Gina, (BA, MA, Med, MLIS): Reference /Collections Librarian (on leave)

Moore, Dillon, (BA, MLIS): Head, Digital Initiatives

Oud, Joanne, (BA, MA, MLIS): Librarian

Sennema, Greg, (BCS, MIS, MBA): Seminary Librarian

Sheikh, Nazia, (BA, MA, Master of Information); Business and Economics Librarian

Steeleworthy, Michael, (BA, MLIS): Data Librarian

Stephenson, Carol, (BSc, MLIS): Strategic Projects Librarian

Tales, Matt, (BA, MLIS): Head, Cataloguing

Tencinger, Irene, (BA, MLIS): Liaison Librarian

Thomas, Matthew, (BA, MLIS): eResources Librarian

Weiler, Mark, (MLIS, PhD); Web and User Experience Librarian

Wills, Deborah, (BA, MA, MLA): Librarian