Faculty Petitions Procedures

A student may appeal to the appropriate faculty petitions committee any decision taken by an individual or body acting in the name of the university, which affects the academic standing of the student, and which the student believes was taken unfairly.

The faculty petitions committee will consider and decide all petitions within six (6) weeks of the filing of the petitions. All necessary documentation and information must be complete. Students should submit the petition with the office of the dean of the academic unit in which they are registered during the term(s) identified in the petition (i.e., the Faculty of Arts, Education, Human & Social Sciences, Liberal Arts, Music, Science, Lazaridis School of Business & Economics). In the event that there are multiple terms named in the petition, and the student was registered in more than one faculty during those multiple terms, the petition should be submitted to the faculty of the earliest term identified in the petition. One main exception to this process is an appeal for a deferred examination which must be submitted to the academic unit in which the course is offered. The student will be advised of the decision and the reasons therefore, in writing.

Each faculty may have individualized procedures for the settlement of disagreements within the faculty and the student is encouraged to make use of those procedures prior to commencing a faculty petition. Inquire at the office of the dean of the faculty for information in this regard. Further, with respect to grade reassessments, refer to the additional information under the heading: s=768&sp=2725&ss=3229&y=69#Grade_Reassessment">Grade Reassessment. With respect to a petition for deferred examinations, refer to the additional information under the headings: Examinations, Deferred Examinations and Special Examinations. With respect to disciplinary decisions, refer to the additional information under the headings: Student Code of Conduct and Discipline and Academic Research Misconduct.

There are two types of appeals to a faculty petitions committee. Firstly, an appeal may be filed on the grounds that the normal faculty or university rules, calendar requirements and regulations have not been properly or fairly applied to the student's circumstances. In this instance, the faculty petitions committee will review the circumstances and the rule and it shall make a decision accordingly.

The second type of appeal is when a student asks the faculty petitions committee for relief from the faculty or university rules, calendar requirements and regulations because of extenuating circumstances, such as illness or bereavement. In this type of appeal, the petitions committee will review the extenuating circumstances and it may exercise its discretion to grant an exception to the student.

Both types of appeal shall be in writing, in accordance with the established procedures for petitions. A copy of the current procedures and the required form may be obtained at the Office of Enrolment Services or the office of the dean of the faculty. All petitions shall be commenced by filing the appropriate forms, not later than six (6) weeks after the decision is available to the student on LORIS, or the student has been advised of the decision to be appealed.

As the student will not be able to appear in person before the petitions committee, it is important that the student ensure that all relevant materials, including a written detailed synopsis of the circumstances pertaining to the appeal, is submitted as part of the petition.

A decision of a faculty petitions committee may be appealed by the student to the Senate Student Appeals Committee, in accordance with the Procedures for Considering Appeals by the Senate Student Appeals Committee.

These procedures are given in the next section and are also available at the Office of Enrolment Services. An appeal of a decision of a faculty petitions committee shall be made within one month of the date of the decision.

With the exception of the regulations pertaining to Grade Appeals, no petition or appeal may be commenced where the student has graduated from the program to which the petition or appeal relates.

Website: https://students.wlu.ca/academics/calendars-and-policies/petitions-and-appeals/index.html