BA Programs

Honours Programs

Honours BA degree programs are a minimum of 20.0 credits. Students normally take 5.0 credits (or 10 0.5-credit courses) each year for four years. Honours programs allow a more specialized study of a particular discipline, and are usually required for advanced study and research. Combination Honours BA programs allow students to combine honours work in two disciplines. An honours program in a discipline may also be combined with a secondary program from available option or minors in other disciplines. The successful completion of a secondary program will be recognized on the student's transcript at graduation.

Non-Honours Programs

Students are admitted to Laurier into honours programs only. Due to the achievement of inadequate GPA or course results, a student will be withdrawn from the honours program and placed in a General BA CT or the General BA without Designation degree. General degree programs are normally 15.0 credits. Students usually complete 5.0 credits (or 10 0.5-credit courses) a year for each of three years. For students entering the university in September 2007, general degrees will not have majors (other than CT), options or minors.

Students whose overall GPA is a minimum of 5.00, are allowed to register in Honours Arts without specialization for Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 and may graduate with a general BA without designation or transfer into an area of specialization at any time when they have met the required course requirements and GPA regulations and have been approved by the academic department. 

Students who have completed four years of an honours BA program but are unable to achieve the GPA necessary to graduate, may receive a BA degree (without General or Honours) with the field of specialization of the honours program and any eligible options or minors denoted on the degree. A major and overall GPA of 5.00 is required.

Student who have completed four years of the BBTM program but are unable to achieve the GPA necessary to graduate, may receive a General Contemporary Studies BA.