Laurier Visioning Statements

Inspiring Lives of Leadership and Purpose

Wilfrid Laurier University recognizes that intellectual inquiry, critical reflection and scholarly integrity are the cornerstones of all universities including our exceptional institution. Our unique values are drawn from the key elements on which Laurier was founded and which will continue to nurture and shape what we become.


Our intimate community environment
Our academic and institutional traditions
New and integrated communities of learning and application
Diversity and a culture of inclusivity
Developing the whole person: mind, spirit and body
Community focus and global engagement
A life of purpose and citizenship
Learning through experience

Our vision provides a lens that we use to look at the world to understand what we do and what we aspire to be.


Our commitment is to justice and sustainability now and in the future, so we strive to ignite the minds, spirits and hearts of our communities through excellence in teaching and learning, in the discovery, scholarly exploration, and application of new ideas, and in instilling the courage to engage and challenge the world in all its complexity.

The mission describes our core purpose and commitment to stakeholders.


Wilfrid Laurier University is devoted to excellence in learning, research, scholarship and creativity. It challenges people to become engaged and aware citizens of an increasingly complex world. It fulfills its mission by advancing knowledge, supporting and enhancing high‐quality undergraduate, graduate and professional education, and emphasizing co‐curricular development of the whole student.

The Guiding Principles are consistent with our vision and mission and will inform decision making as we embrace our future.


Responsible Governance
Community citizenship
Realizing an appropriate balance among Research, Teaching and Service
Recognizing the linkage between Research and Teaching
Integrity and Strong Leadership
Making strategic choices for the long‐term health of the institution
Learning and advancing knowledge across boundaries
Collaboration and Collegiality
Respectful Relationships
Openness to change
Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility