Full-time Faculty Waterloo Lutheran Seminary

Pfrimmer, David G., BA, MDiv, MA (WLU), DMin (Princeton Theological Seminary); Theology, History and Ethics (2005)

Balmer, Brice, BA (Bluffton College), MDiv (Methodist Theological School), MA (Waterloo), DMin (University of St. Michael's College); Spiritual Care and Counselling

Darewych, Olena, BSc (Toronto), MA (Notre Dame de Namur University), PhD (Lesley University); Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy(2015)

Harper, Kate, BA, MA (York); Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy (2015)

Harris, Mark W., BA ( Pennsylvania State University), MDiv (Laurier), DMin (Toronto); Functional Theology and Director of Leadership in Ministry (2008)

Jorgenson, Allen, BSc (Alberta), MDiv, STM (LTS Saskatoon), PhD (University of St. Michael's College); Theology, History and Ethics (2005); Assistant Dean

Ludolph, Debbie Lou, BMus (Laurier), MTS (WLS); Dean of Chapel, Kanata Centre of Worship and Global Song (Director)

Lund, Kristine A., BSc (Calgary), MDiv (LTS Saskatoon), PhD (Alberta); Spiritual Care and Counselling; Assistant Principal (2005)

Maos, Daniel,

Philip, Mary Joy, BS, MS (Gandhiji Univ), MA, ThM, PhD (Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago) (2009)

Tokarek LaFosse, Mona, BA (Columbia Bible College), BA (Waterloo), MA (Laurier), PhD (Toronto); Christian Scriptures and Sacred Texts (2015)