Outstanding Teacher Award

This award recognizes long-standing excellence in teaching at Laurier. While it is not expected that recipients have excelled in all of the following areas, they invariably have excelled in several of the following categories: innovation in classroom instruction; consultation and mentoring students beyond the classroom; thesis supervision; course design; curriculum development; production of educational materials (e.g., textbooks, films, study guides); research on teaching at the university level; or, the development of programs to improve teaching and learning. The following faculty members have received the award:

1978 James R. McCutcheon, BA, MA, MBA; Department of Business

1979 Jerry A. Hall, BA, MA, PhD; Department of Geography

1980 Lawrence E. Toombs, BA, BSc, BD, PhD; Department of Religion & Culture

1986 Jane L. Campbell, BA, MLitt, PhD; Department of English

1986 Glenn E. Carroll, BA, MBA; Department of Business

1987 Victor Martens, BA, ARCT, LLD honoris causa; Faculty of Music

1988 Donald F. Morgenson, BA, MA, PhD; Department of Psychology

1989 Peter C. Erb, BA, MSL, PhD; Department of Religion & Culture

1990 T. F. (Tupper) Cawsey, BSc, MBA, PhD; Department of Business

1991 Michael D. Moore, BA, MA, PhD; Department of English

1992 John H. Redekop, BA, BEd, MA, PhD; Department of Political Science

1994 Anne Westhues, BA, MSc, MSW, DSW; Faculty of Social Work

1995 Rosemary G. Fischer, BMus, MMus, EdD, RMT-BC-MTA; Faculty of Music

1996 Gordon H. G. McDougall, BComm, PhD; Department of Business

1998 Martha K. Laurence, BS, BSW, MSW, PhD; Faculty of Social Work

1999 Richard T. Walsh-Bowers, AB, MA, PhD; Department of Psychology

2000 Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts, BA, MA, PhD; Department of Languages & Literatures

In 2001, the Outstanding Teacher Award was replaced by the Award for Teaching Excellence.