Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications

Executive Director: Lakyn Barton, ed@wlusp.com,  ext. 3565
President and Publisher: Bryan Stephens, president@wlusp.com, ext. 4153
Office Location: 205 Regina Street
Main Office: 519-884-0710, ext. 3565
Website: www.wlusp.com

Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publication (WLUSP) is Laurier's autonomous student run media organization, serving both undergraduate and graduate students.  WLUSP is home to all the great and nationally recognized student run media found at Laurier's Waterloo, Brantford and Kitchener campuses.

Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications offers experience in desktop publishing, photography, advertising sales and design and journalism. WLUSP is overseen and managed by students elected annually to the board of directors. We encourage students and community members to get involved with WLUSP through volunteering with our publications, running for the board of directors, and engaging with our publications.

Print Publications:
The Cord - a weekly newspaper produced for the Waterloo campus and community
The Sputnik - a bi-weekly newspaper produced for the Brantford campus community
The Community Editiion - a monthly newspaper produced for the Waterloo region community
Blueprint Magazine - a graphic and literary magazine distributed four times a year
The Keystone - Waterloo campus's official yearbook
The Carnegie - Brantford campus's official yearbook
WLU'er- Waterloo campus's official student handbook

Radio Laurier
Radio Laurier is WLUSP's student run online radio station. Providing the Laurier community with high quality programs on the latest music and commentary on news and events.  Radio Laurier also works with local venues to put on concerts and events to showcase local talent and expose new artists.

Laurier Student Poll
Laurier Student Poll is a market research group focusing on student public opinion and consumer behaviour at Laurier. The group was founded in late 2011 and launched its first research project in January 2012 with the Student Union presidential election. We survey students using in person interviews, with questions customized to client needs. Using studies of approximately 300 to 600 respondents, we publish official findings reports for stakeholders and release additional analyses online.

Graduate Photography and Class Composites
WLUSP is responsible for organizing graduate photography and class composites for graduating students. Appointments for sittings are available on the website at www.wlusp.com/gradphotos

WLUSP.com - WLUSP's organizational website. Find info on all things WLUSP and sign up for graduate photo sittings
TheCord.ca - the online version of The Cord newspaper
TheSputnik.ca - the online version of The Sputnik newspaper
Radiolaurier.com - our online radio station's homepage
Blueprintmagazine.ca - the online version of the Blueprint magazine
LaurierStudentPoll.com - the online platform for Laurier Student Poll