Department of Residence - Waterloo Campus

Director, Residence: Chris Dodd, MA,, ext. 3455
Associate Director, Residence Education: Dave Shorey, MEd, ext. 2181
Associate Director, Residence Life: Clayton McCourt, MA,, ext. 2181
Manager, Residence Facility Operations: John Will,, ext. 3617
Administrative Manager, Residence:
Lori Kapshey,, ext. 6126
Office Location: Street Level (north side), King Street Residence, ext. 3236
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12 noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

All students living in residence must be full-time registered students through the entire period that they reside in residence. Students who wish to remain in residence when their registration status is reduced to part-time must receive permission from the Associate Director, Residence Life.

Residence facilities are provided in 15 main residence buildings, which house approximately 2,780 single men and women. Of this number 2,665 beds are reserved for incoming undergraduate first-year students. The residence buildings are composed of both dormitory-style accommodations as well as apartment-style accommodations. There are 1,143 beds available in the apartment-style accommodations (singles and doubles) and 1,637 beds available in the dormitory-style accommodations (singles and doubles).

The residence communities are managed by a staff including residence life area co-ordinators and dons (i.e., residence assistants). Each residence has a house council, which represents students' interests in social and recreational activities. Students in residence are provided with a Residence Guidebook, which outlines the rules and regulations of residence. Smoking is not permitted in any Laurier residence.

All students living in residence (dormitory and apartment style) are required to participate in a mandatory meal plan. Detailed information about the meal plans, including the terms and conditions, may be viewed on the Laurier OneCard website.

Internet service is provided in all residences.

All students living in residence are provided with mail delivery five days per week.