Alternate Graduation Option for Honours BA/BSc Students

At the end of Year 4 in a BA or BSc honours program (including Economics), students who are registered in an honours program, meet all progression requirements and successfully complete all credits of that program, but who cannot graduate from that honours program because their GPA is insufficient, have the option of receiving a BA or BSc (without General or Honours) which denotes the major of the honours program and any eligible options or minors on the degree. For those BA and BSc programs normally requiring a 7.0 major GPA for graduation, an overall and major GPA of at least 5.00 must be met for the BA with a designation. For programs in Psychology, an overall and major GPA of 5.00 must be met. An overall and major GPA of 4.0 is required for a BA or BSc in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. Health Science majors who do not meet the 6.00 overall GPA, are only eligible for a General BSc without designation.  (Note: honours degrees will not recognize unsuccessful attempts at honours subjects taken in combination: students in a combined honours program who are unsuccessful in meeting the GPA requirements of one of their honours subjects do not have the option of receiving a degree which certifies completion of a single honours subject and a "general-level" area of specialization.)