Adding or Withdrawing from Courses

A course must be added no later than 12 calendar days from the beginning of term lectures. This regulation applies to spring term, fall, winter, and 1.0-credit courses taken over the September to April academic year. Consult the Academic Dates  for the corresponding dates for six-week courses.

The final dates for withdrawing from courses without penalty of failure are:

Fall term course two-thirds of course
Winter term course two-thirds of course
1.0-credit course two-thirds of course
Eight-week course two-thirds of course
Six-week course two-thirds of course
Intersession, Summer session courses two-thirds of course
Spring term course two-thirds of course

Consult the Academic Dates for actual dates for withdrawal from courses without penalty of failure. A grade of "F'' will be assigned if a student withdraws after the final date. If the normal deadline date falls on a Friday, the actual deadline will become the following business day. A grade of DR (dropped-failure) will be assigned if the course is dropped in writing after the withdrawal deadline but before the start of exams.


  1. The onus for notifying Enrolment Services of withdrawal via LORIS or by sending an email to Enrolment Services rests solely upon the student. Simply ceasing to attend lectures, even if the instructor is informed, does not formally constitute withdrawal and will result in a failing grade and financial penalties.
  2. A change from registration for credit to audit must be made no later than the final date for withdrawing without failure.This can be requested via email to Enrolment Services.