Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2015/2016
Canadian Excellence

Studio Policy Regarding Progression from Half-Hour Lessons to Full-Hour Lessons; Progression to MU490B

  1. Any student (unclassified studies or Honours Music) who wishes to progress from MU296 to MU390A* must perform a jury that satisfies the jury requirements for MU290A* (which is the prerequisite for MU390A*); those wishing to progress from MU396 to MU490A* must perform a jury that satisfies the jury requirements for MU390A* (which is the prerequisite for MU490A*).  These juries must take place either in the winter term exam period, as part of their jury for MU296 or MU396.
  2. To facilitate this, all MU296 and MU396 jury repertoire sheets should indicate students' intentions to satisfy the jury requirements for MU290A* on their MU296 jury or the jury requirements for MU390A* on their MU396 jury.
  3. Students in programs other than Performance, may proceed from MU296 to MU290A*, MU396 to MU390A*, or MU496 to MU490A* only with permission of the dean, in consultation with the studio instructor, and with the understanding that they may register for a maximum of 4.0 credits of practical studies on their principal instrument or voice over the course of their degree, unless the dean approves an exception to this policy.
Faculty of Music Policy Website: https://www.wlu.ca/page.php?grp_id=29&p=15660