The Heraldic Coat of Arms

In 1989, Wilfrid Laurier University received a Grant of Arms from the Crown through the Canadian College of Heralds. The Coat of Arms is composed of several elements. The shield in the centre is filled with three emblems: three maple leaves taken from the Coat of Arms of Wilfrid Laurier's personal arms, representing Canada; an open book of learning; and a rose of Luther which was dominant in the arms of Waterloo College and Waterloo Lutheran University, and so commemorates the Lutheran heritage of the university. The crest above the shield is composed of a mantled helmet, which is topped by a beaver, symbol of industriousness, holding a lamp of learning.

Supporting the shield and crest are two deer upon a grassy mound, adorned with three roses of Luther, which is bordered by the university's motto, Veritas Omnia Vincit-Truth Conquers All.