Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2013/2014
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Classification of Students

  • Academic probation: a student who has been permitted to proceed conditionally in a general degree program. (Refer to the University Undergraduate Regulations chapter.)
    Probation may be approved by the department under certain circumstances only in a Music or upper year BBA program.
  • Adult student: one who does not hold the Ontario Secondary School Diploma/OAC, and has been admitted to the university conditionally (refer to the Undergraduate Admissions chapter).
  • Audit student: one who has been admitted to the university and attends a course without credit toward a degree or program, and who is not entered or registered on the official university records or lists for the purpose of academic or degree credit. Such a student will not be allowed to write final examinations and will not receive a course grade. The abbreviated term "AUD" replaces the grade on an official transcript. The classroom and laboratory privileges and responsibilities of such a student will be at the discretion of the department and the instructor. The tuition fee is usually one-half of the regular course fee. (Consult the Financial Services chapter.)
  • Full-time student: is registered in four or more 0.5-credit courses (2.0 credits) in a term.
  • Junior student: obtained fewer than 5.0 credits.
  • Part-time student: is registered in less than four 0.5-credit courses (2.0 credits) in a term.
  • Registered student: has registered in courses either via LORIS or submitted the appropriate forms to the Office of the Registrar and is subsequently duly approved and processed. A registered student is responsible for fees that arise from registration, and may be deregistered if appropriate fee arrangements are not made.
  • Regular student: has been admitted to the university without condition and is proceeding toward a degree or diploma.
  • Senior citizen: is any person 60 years of age or older (Canadian citizen or international status) before the first day of classes of a term. Seniors are exempt from tuition fees for all undergraduate courses, but are required to pay other fees where applicable. The exception to this is the Waterloo Lutheran Seminary; courses are charged 50% tuition.
  • Senior student: has obtained 5.0 credits or more.
  • Unclassified student: is registered in one or more degree courses, and is either not proceeding toward a degree, or is not eligible or does not have a declared specialization or major.
  • Undergraduate student: a student admitted to the university and registered in one or more undergraduate courses, placements or other educational activities recognized by the Senate of the university as requirements.
  • Visitor: one who registers in a course to count it towards a credential at another institution.