Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2013/2014
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Special Constable Service

Interim Director, Special Constable Service: Antonio Araujo, aaraujo@wlu.ca, ext. 5701
Community Policing Office Location:  232 King Street, Waterloo, Ontario
Dispatch Centre Location: Lower Floor, Student Services Building (adjacent to the Dining Hall)
Phone: off campus (519) 885-3333 or on campus, ext. 3333
Website: www.wlu.ca/specialconstableservice

In 2005 Laurier had 10 CCTV cameras on our campuses. Today we have over 400 cameras which are monitored 24/7 by student dispatchers. Our student dispatchers and Special Constables are well trained to deal with emergencies. In 2010 Laurier Special Constable Service won the award from the International Chief's of Police for innovation in technology.

At Laurier we have a tested emergency plan, lock down procedure and we run exercises yearly to test our emergency systems.  Last year our Special Constables responded to 20,000 calls for service. Special Constables who have peace officer status have been policing our campuses for 35 years. Special Constables patrol our campuses 24/7 by foot, bike and  cruiser. They are trained in use of force, first aid and have similar powers to the police on campus. The Waterloo Campus has 15 Special Constables, and the Brantford Campus has 5. Our service works closely with the Waterloo Regional Police and Brantford Police Services.

Our campus is equipped with Blue Light Emergency Poles that students can activate in an emergency which gives them direct contact with our Communication Centre. We have increased lighting on campus and 90 percent of our campuses are covered now by CCTV. In 2012, an emergency warning system (ENS) will be implemented and tested.

Our Special Constables are always happy to assist with any concerns.