Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2013/2014
Canadian Excellence

Curriculum Divisions

For the purpose of most Faculty of Science programs, undergraduate courses are categorized in three divisions as follows. Note that some disciplines are not included in this chart and thus do not meet category requirements.

A - Humanities B - Social Sciences C - Sciences
Archaeology: AR (except Div B AR courses) Anthropology: AN
Astronomy: AS
Brantford Foundations: BF299
Archaeology: AR101, AR102, AR103, AR217, AR219*, AR220, AR244, AR246, AR313, AR336, AR341, AR360, AR452*, AR453, AR461, AR462 Biology: BI
Christian Studies & Global Citizenship: GC
Brantford Foundations: BF190, BF199, BF290

Classical Studies: CL
Communication Studies:  CS Chemistry: CH
Communication Studies: CS
Contemporary Studies: CT (except Division A CT courses) Computer Science: CP
Contemporary Studies: CO326/CT326, CT121, CT202, CT203/HS203, CT220, CT226/JN226/MX226, CT253, CT260/HR260, CT327
Cultural Studies: KS Geography (physical): GG101, GG281, GG282, GG336, GG380, GG381, GG382, GG383, GG384, GG385, GG386, GG388, GG389, GG480, GG481, GG482, GG486, GG489
Cultural Studies: KS
Economics: EC Geology: GL
English: EN
Environmental Studies: ES Health Sciences: HE210, HE211, HE300, HE400, HE401
Film Studies: FS
Geography: GG (except Physical Geography courses) Health Studies: HS101, HS202, HS204, HS206, HS304, HS315, HS324
History & Philosophy of Science: HP Global Studies: GS Kinesiology & Physical Education: KP122, KP201, KP220, KP223, KP321, KP322, KP323, KP324, KP332, KP351, KP361, KP371, KP421, KP422, KP423, KP424, KP434, KP451, KP461, KP463, KP464, KP465, KP471

Health Sciences: HE100, HE101, HE201, HE301, HE302

Kinesiology & Physical Education: KP216, KP241
History: HI Mathematics: MA
All Languages & Literatures: AB, FR, GM, GR, IT, LA, LL, SP History & Philosophy of Science: HP Physics: PC
Medieval Studies: ML Kinesiology & Physical Education: KP121, KP200, KP210, KP211, KP231, KP232, KP242, KP261, KP262, KP341, KP410, KP411, KP412, KP413, KP420, KP431, KP441, KP442, KP443, KP462 Psychology: PS260, PS261, PS262, PS263, PS264, PS268, PS360, PS361, PS362, PS363, PS366, PS460, PS461, PS462, PS463, PS465
Mediterranean Studies: MI Muslim Studies: MZ

North American Studies: NO
Music: MU Political Science: PO
Muslim Studies: MZ
Psychology: PS (except Div C PS courses)
Near Eastern Studies: NE Social Welfare: SL
Philosophy: PP Sociology: SY
Religion & Culture: RE Urban Studies: US
Women and Gender Studies: WS Women and Gender Studies: WS

Senate/Editorial Changes

Editorial Revision July 1, 2013: AR103 added to Division B; effective immediately.