Faculty of Human and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Human and Social Sciences is composed of the Department of Criminology (BA); the Department of Health Studies: Health Studies (BA), Health Management (BA), Applied Health Sciences (BASC); and programs in Foundations, Game Design and Development (BA), Leadership (BA), Policing (BA), Public Safety (BA) and Psychology (BA). In addition, students may choose to complete one or more of a large number of available options and minors offered through the faculties.

Campus Location: Carnegie Building, 73 George Street, Brantford, Ontario N3T 2Y3

Brantford Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Fax: (519) 759-2127
Email: FHSSadmin@wlu.ca

Dean: Bruce McKay, PhD, bmckay@wlu.ca
Associate Dean: Andrew Welsh, PhD, awelsh@wlu.ca
Dean of Students: Adam Lawrence, MA, alawrence@wlu.ca

Brantford Librarians: Irene Tencinger, BA, MISt,  itencinger@wlu.ca; Pauline Dewan, MLIS, PhD,  pdewan@wlu.ca

Prospective Students
Accessible Learning
:  lbaccessiblelearning@wlu.ca
Wellness Centre
:  lbwellnesscentre@wlu.ca
Academic Advising
: , lbacademicadvising@wlu.ca
Enrolment Services
Residence Manager
: Jennifer Greene, MA, jgreene@wlu.ca

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  • BA (Honours) - Honours Bachelor of Arts
  • BSc (Honours) - Honours Bachelor of Science
  • BA - Bachelor of Arts
  • BASc (Honours) - Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science
  • BA - General BA without Designation
  • CombBA (Honours) - Honours Combination or Joint (BA)
  • Dipl - Diploma
  • Op - Option
  • Certif - Certificate
  • Mi - Minor
  • Spec - Specialization
Full-Time Faculty  
General BA Without Designation BA
Business Technology Management Program (LSBE) Op
Criminology BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | BA | Dipl | Certif | Mi
Foundations Courses  
Game Design and Development Program BA (Honours) | Op | Mi
Health Studies BA (Honours) | BASc (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi | Spec
Interdisciplinary Courses Certif
Leadership Program BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Op | Mi
Psychology Programs at Brantford BA (Honours) | BSc (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi
Public Safety Programs BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Op | Mi