Enrolment Services

Enrolment Services encompasses Recruitment and Admissions, Student Records and Registration, Student Awards, Examinations, Bookings and Scheduling and Service Laurier at the Waterloo Campus, and Registrarial Services, Recruitment & Admissions, and Service Laurier at the Brantford Campus.

Waterloo Campus:
Interim AVP: Enrolment Services: John Fraser, BA, MA, jfraser@wlu.ca, 548-889-4692
Interim Registrar: Shelagh Pepper, BA, BMath, BSc, diplBA, spepper@wlu.ca
Associate Registrar: Recruitment and Admissions: Christopher Brunskill, BEd, BA, MA, cbrunskill@wlu.ca
Associate Registrar: Student Finance and Client Services: Necia Martins, MBA, EdD, nmartins@wlu.ca, Commissioner of Oaths (by appt)
Assistant Registrar: Admissions: Erie Zantingh, BSc, MBA, ezantingh@wlu.ca
Director: Strategic Initiatives & Enrolment Operations:
Manager, Registrarial Systems & Scheduling: Christopher Kelly, BA, ckelly@wlu.ca
Assistant Registrar, Client Services & Communications: Lindsay Lannan, llannan@wlu.ca
Manager, Marketing and Communications: Allie Bear, BA, abear@wlu.ca

Office Location: SB302, third floor, Schlegel Building

Brantford Campus
Interim Associate Registrar: Registrarial Services & Systems: Jennifer Brickman, BA, jbrickman@wlu.ca
Manager, Canadian Student Recruitment: Craig Chipps, BA, cchipps@wlu.ca

Website: students.wlu.ca

Connect with Service Laurier
Admission Inquiries: chooselaurier@wlu.ca

NOTE: Our official means of communication is with your Laurier email account.  Students are expected to regularly check their Laurier email account for important notices from the university community. Students are required to send emails to official members of the university community from their Laurier email account in order to verify authenticity and ensure delivery. Emails sent from non-Laurier accounts, may be identified as spam and not delivered. Furthermore, it is impossible to determine whether the emails received from these non-Laurier accounts are coming from the person they claim to be from. Your co-operation is appreciated.