Ensemble Policy

The Honours BMus student participates in choir, orchestra, and/or other ensembles, depending on the requirements of the particular program. Among the possibilities are the WLU Choir, the Laurier Singers, the Chapel Choir, Jazz Choir; operatic ensembles; WLU Orchestra and WLU Wind Ensemble; Baroque, Jazz, Chamber Ensembles and Improvisation Concerts Ensemble (ICE). Auditions are required for participation in any ensemble.

All wind, brass, string and percussion students registered in Performance must pass an ensemble placement audition on their major instrument before the end of the second week of fall term in order to continue in the Performance program. Ensemble auditions will normally take place during Orientation Week and will be graded pass/fail.

The university reserves the right to assign students to ensembles. Consideration will include both the needs of the student and the requirements of the ensemble program.

Students in programs that require MU381 and MU481 are expected to be registered in a course that gives them experience in ensemble playing in both Year 3 and Year 4. During one of these years, piano students in programs other than music education may substitute a 0.5 credit in accompanying (MU393) or a 0.5 credit in chamber music (MU383 or MU483) for the 0.5 credit in ensemble (MU381 or MU481) that year, provided they have the prerequisite, MU253.

Under special circumstances, students in the Honours Bachelor of Music program may enrol for a second major ensemble with permission of the studio instructor, ensemble director, and dean. Students may not enrol for a second ensemble for credit if they have not completed their keyboard proficiency requirement.

The Faculty of Music recognizes that performing engagements outside the university, particularly those of a professional nature, are important in the development of careers in music. However, students must consider the rehearsal and performance schedules of the university ensembles their first priority. Other engagements must be arranged around those schedules.

All music students are expected to give the dean of the Faculty of Music advance written notice of all musical activity they intend to undertake outside of the faculty during the academic year. In some cases, students may be advised to curtail such activity.

Faculty of Music Policy Website: https://students.wlu.ca/programs/music/policies/index.html