Transfers to and from the Waterloo Campus

Laurier Brantford is an integral part of Wilfrid Laurier University. Its programs and operations are tied to those at Laurier's Waterloo campus. Students registered at Brantford can take courses on the Waterloo campus, and students registered at Waterloo can take courses at Brantford with permission from the appropriate program.

Normally, students may transfer between Laurier's campuses if they are in good standing, have successfully completed at least 4.0 credits, and meet the entry standards of the degree program into which they wish to transfer. Winter term transfers may be considered provided that admission requirements to the campus were met in the previous September. Students intending to transfer should obtain academic counselling from the campus, faculty or school into which they intend to transfer. The Internal Campus Transfer form is available at the Office of Enrolment Services website: