Petitions and Appeals

Students registered in the Faculty of Education who wish to request a reassessment of a final course grade or other exception to academic regulations or decisions due to extenuating circumstance or on compassionate grounds must submit a Petition to the Petitions and Appeals Committee via the Dean's Office.

Students who believe that the final grade received in a course does not reflect their performance must first consult with the course instructor. The instructor may review the course assignments, expectations and requirements with the student. If the student remains dissatisfied, an official request for a grade reassessment may be submitted to the Faculty of Education Petitions Committee. The Petition for Exception to Academic Regulations procedures appear below. A request for a grade reassessment shall be filed with the Dean's Office no later than six weeks following the formal release of grades from the Office of Enrolment Services.

  • 7.1 Appeal Procedures
An appeal is requested by submitting a Petitions Form and appropriate supporting documentation. The Petitions Form is available on the Faculty of Education website under Forms.
The petition process will commence when the student has submitted the required Petitions Form and supporting evidence.
Petitions requesting that a Faculty of Education regulation or procedure be waived, must clearly outline the need for such an exemption and the need for such an exemption must be supported with relevant documentary evidence.
Medical certificates must include date of illness(es), date(s) individual was examined, nature of the illness, and the anticipated time necessary for convalescence as pertinent to the petition.
The Faculty of Education Petitions Committee will review the submitted documentation and normally will make a recommendation to the Dean within four (4) weeks of receipt of the petition.
The Dean will provide the student with a written decision regarding the petition normally within six (6) weeks of the Committee's receipt of the petition.
A fee of $25.00 per petition, refundable if the Faculty of Education Petitions Committee finds in the student's favour, must accompany the petition.