Tuition/Incidental/Miscellaneous Fees

  • Incidental and miscellaneous fees are not refundable after the final date to add courses each term.
  • Students dropping courses or withdrawing from Wilfrid Laurier University are required to drop the course(s) on LORIS and notify Enrolment Services, in writing, if withdrawing completely from the term.
    • The effective dates for course drops or withdrawals from the university will be the date the course(s) are dropped on LORIS.
    • The portion of applicable tuition and/or fee adjustment is determined by the drop/withdrawal date.
    • Tuition fees are adjusted on a term basis at the per-course rate in accordance with the Cancellation/Drop/Withdrawal Schedule of Fee Charges.
  • When dropping a course, be aware of the deadline dates in which a fee penalty is charged. The impact of the fee adjustment may not create a credit on your financial account.
  • Non-payment of fees does not constitute a withdrawal.