Cancellation and Withdrawal

Students interested in withdrawing from studies are charged for dropping a course(s), or withdrawing from all courses based on the date the students drop course(s) on LORIS. Financial penalties are listed in the Academic Calendar. Students withdrawing from Laurier must notify in writing, and follow the withdrawal steps:

Brantford students must complete an online Notice of Withdrawal form. Dropping course(s) or withdrawing should be completed in accordance with the Schedule of Tuition Fee Charges for Drop/Cancel/Withdrawal. For specific dates refer to the Academic Dates chapter. Refer to Miscellaneous Fees for actual charges.

When making a change to registration, students are responsible to ensure the change was processed correctly on LORIS. Students are advised to check LORIS when any change is made, as students are responsible for the accuracy of their registration.

Dropping An Individual Course(s),  But Not Withdrawing

Students that drop a course(s) on LORIS, but would like to remain an active student must do so according to the Schedule of Academic Dates. These dates outline the deadlines and corresponding fee penalties.