Student Account Information

Student accounts are updated regularly. Account balances may change as courses are added or dropped, other charges are incurred or payments are made. Up-to-date account balances are available on the Account Summary by Term on LORIS (Student Services > Student Account Summary > Account Summary by Term).

Laurier employees are bound by federal and provincial privacy legislation. Service Laurier staff cannot discuss particulars of a student's financial account with anyone unless proxy access has been granted. If a student would like to provide parents, family members or a third party ability to discuss their financial account, a student must set the individual as a proxy user on LORIS. Once this access is granted, it will remain for five years, unless access is revoked by the student. 

Proxy Access is for informational purposes only - parents/guardians or other individuals with proxy access cannot request changes to the student account or contact information or submit refund requests.

Fees for courses added after the invoice has been posted to LORIS will be updated on LORIS under the account summary by term within one business day.  New fees or charges that have not been previously invoiced will lead to a new invoice and due date to be issued.