Regulations Combining Honours with a Secondary Minor/Option

Honours students with a major may choose to organize their elective courses to meet the requirements for a combined honours program, and a maximum of two options/minors in a subject other than the honours major(s). Additional courses may have to be taken to fulfill these requirements. All common and program requirements for the secondary program must be fulfilled.

Students combining honours disciplines with secondary programs must meet the following regulations:

  1. All requirements for the combined honours program, option or minor, must be fulfilled. (Refer to  Regulations Governing Minors/Options below.)
  2. An honours student with a major may receive designation for only two options/minors.
  3. Note that where a combined program states a 100 level credit limit, the program with the lower limit applies to the combined degree.
  4. Honours Computing & Computer Electronics and Computer Science students are also eligible for the Professional Experience Program, but may receive designation for only one of the Co-operative Education and the Professional Experience Program Option.
    Honours students have a wide choice of secondary programs available to them. Honours students in all programs may be eligible for the Management Option, Applied Mathematics Option, Environmental Science Option (for Honours Biology and Chemistry students), or the various options described in each faculty section, as well as Co-operative Education, a work-study program.

    Regulations Governing Minors/Options

    Regulations pertaining to all Minors/Options include:

    1. Minors: Minimum of 3.0 credits, with 2.0+ senior credits required.
    2. Options: Minimum of 4.0 credits, with 2.0+ senior credits required.
    3. No fewer than 2.0 credits shall be obtained at Wilfrid Laurier University.
    4. Must be adjunct to the major; no student may declare a major and a minor in disciplines within the same department, except as specifically authorized by the program. Exceptions may be clarified with an Academic Advisor.
    5. Maximum of two minors/options allowed.
    6. All common and program requirements for the secondary program must be fulfilled.
    7. Minimum cumulative GPA of 4.5 is required for a minor. If an option or minor requires a higher GPA, that GPA applies.
    8. Not available to those in undesignated General BA and General BSc programs.
    9. Majors, specializations, concentrations and minors (including options) are all printed on an official transcript. Only majors are printed on the degree parchment.