Selection of Courses

  1. Not all courses are offered each year. When students are selecting from a list of required courses, access to a specific course is not guaranteed when there is another course available to meet a specific program requirement. Consult the department concerned for current course offerings.
  2. Examine thoroughly the requirements for the degree being pursued.
  3. Review any notes in the department's course description listings.
  4. Note the prerequisites, co-requisites and exclusions for courses required now and in the future. Courses cannot be taken concurrently if one is a prerequisite.
  5. Registration in an honours course requires the permission of the department offering the course, unless specified otherwise.
  6. Students who register in a course for which they have already received credit under another course number will be deemed to be repeating the course.
  7. Faculty of Arts: 400 level seminars are open only to Year 4 honours students registered in the program in which the 400 level seminar is offered. Other students wishing to take 400 level seminars require permission of the department offering the course and the department in which they are specializing. A 400 level seminar cannot be repeated.