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School of Business and Economics | MBA, MFin, MSc, PhD
Faculty of Arts | MA, PhD
Geography and Environmental Studies
The department, together with the Department of Geography at the University of Waterloo, offers a joint program leading to MA, MES and PhD degrees. The Waterloo-Laurier Graduate Program in Geography (W-LGPIG) is responsible for admissions, for the program…
Faculty of Arts | MA, MES, PhD
Global Governance
The world faces increasingly complex problems that have taken on global significance - including conflict and peace-building, humanitarian crises and intervention, international economic inequality and instability, and global environmental change. How are…
Interdisciplinary | PhD
The Department, together with the departments of History at the University of Guelph and the University of Waterloo, offers a joint program leading to MA and PhD degrees. Students in the program register at one of the three universities but may…
Faculty of Arts | MA, PhD
The Guelph-Laurier-McMaster Doctoral Program in Philosophy enables students to access faculty, courses and library materials at all three universities. The program offers supervision in most of the traditional areas of philosophy but the special…
Faculty of Arts | MA, PhD
Faculty of Science | MA, MSc, PhD
Religion and Culture
Faculty of Arts | MA, PhD
Social Work
As one of the modern helping disciplines, social work fulfills a strategic function in the field of social services. The social work profession is concerned with the wide range of human and environmental factors, and processes that influence social…
Faculty of Social Work | MSW, PhD
PhD in Geography
Graduates are expected to have acquired autonomy in their ability to teach, conduct research and prepare scholarly publications. They are also expected to have developed self-learning abilities and to apply critical and innovative thinking to…
Faculty of ArtsGeography and Environmental Studies | PhD
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