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Faculty of Science | MSc
Contact information:MBA ProgramDr Hugh Munro, MBA Program Directorhmunro@wlu.ca519-884-0710, ext 2556MSc and PhD in Management/MFinDr Hamid Noori, Program Directorhnoori@wlu.ca519-884-0710, ext. 2571
School of Business and Economics | MBA, MFin, MSc, PhD
Faculty of Science | MSc
Geography and Environmental Studies
The department, together with the Department of Geography at the University of Waterloo, offers a joint program leading to MA, MES and PhD degrees. The Waterloo-Laurier Graduate Program in Geography (W-LGPIG) is responsible for admissions, for the program…
Faculty of Arts | MA, MES, MSc, PhD
Kinesiology and Physical Education
Faculty of Science | MSc
Faculty of Science | MSc
Faculty of Science | MA, MSc, PhD
MSc in Chemistry
The objective of the MSc program is to provide students with comprehensive training in chemistry from the combination of course work and independent research in a multidisciplinary environment. Knowledge and research skills acquired in the program will…
Faculty of ScienceChemistry | MSc
MSc in Geography
The objective of the MSc program is to refine critical, scholarly, scientific and professional skills. Students are prepared for careers in the environmental sciences and in science-oriented fields of geomatics. Graduates will gain competence in…
Faculty of ArtsGeography and Environmental Studies | MSc
MSc in Integrative Biology
The objective of the MSc program in integrative biology is to provide students with a trans-disciplinary approach to biological research that allows them to explore the answers to complex questions from a perspective that bridges the traditional…
Faculty of ScienceBiology | MSc
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