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Business (Waterloo Campus)
BBA, Double degrees, Specializations, Core, Diploma programs:
Lazaridis School of Business and Economics | BA (Honours), BSc (Honours), BSc (Honours), BBA (Honours), BBA (Honours), BBA (Honours), BBA (Honours), BBA (Honours), BBA (Honours), BBA (Honours), BBA (Honours), diplBusAdm, Op, Core, Mi, Conc
Communication Studies
Communication Studies is the interdisciplinary study of language, media…
Faculty of Arts | BA (Honours), CombBA (Honours), CombBA (Honours), Mi, Mi, Conc, Spec
Global Studies
Global Studies is a multidisciplinary department concerned with the study of the issues, people, and events that shape today's…
Faculty of Arts | BA (Honours), CombBA (Honours), Op, Mi, Conc, Spec
Honours BA Communication Studies with Concentrations
A maximum of 2 Communication Studies Concentrations are permitted as part of the Honours BA Communication Studies degree…
Faculty of ArtsCommunication Studies | Conc
Honours BA Global Studies with Concentrations
Global Studies majors (either single or combined) may pursue a maximum of two concentrations in each of the department's three thematic streams (peace and conflict studies; international development studies; globalization and culture…
Faculty of ArtsGlobal Studies | Conc
Honours Business Administration with Concentration
A BBA concentration consists of a minimum of 2.0 senior-level credits beyond core courses counted toward the degree. Under special circumstances a _BU480_ or a _BU490_ may be approved for inclusion toward a concentration. A concentration allows students…
Lazaridis School of Business and EconomicsBusiness (Waterloo Campus) | BBA (Honours), Conc
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