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Computer Science (PC/CP Dept)
Honours BSc, BA, Double Degrees and Minor:
Faculty of Science | BA (Honours), BSc (Honours), BSc (Honours), BSc (Honours), CombBA (Honours), CombBSc (Hons), CombBSc (Hons), CombBSc (Hons), CombBSc (Hons), CombBSc (Hons), BBA (Honours), Op, Op, Mi, Conc
The Brantford Campus has developed a broad, comprehensive Honours BA Criminology program, which will suit students who wish to use criminology as a basis for a variety of different career paths.The Honours Criminology BA program is only available at the…
Faculty of Human and Social Sciences | BA (Honours), CombBA (Honours), CombBA (Honours), BA, Dipl, Certif, Mi
Criminology Minor (Faculty of HSS)
Faculty of Science | Mi
Criminology Minor (Faculty of Human and Social Sciences)
Faculty of Arts | Mi
Cultural Studies Program
Communication Studies Department
Faculty of Arts | CombBA (Honours), Mi
Honours BA, Combination BA programs and Minor:
Lazaridis School of Business and Economics | BA (Honours), BA (Honours), BA (Honours), BA (Honours), BA (Honours), BA (Honours), CombBA (Honours), Op, Op, Mi, Mi, Spec, Co-op
Education Minor
Faculty of Education | Mi
The English Studies program offers students the opportunity to explore British, American, Canadian and other literatures from the Medieval period to the present. In keeping with the lively and vibrant developments in English studies, our undergraduate…
Faculty of Arts | BA (Honours), CombBA (Honours), CombBA (Honours), CombBA (Honours), CombBA (Honours), CombBA (Honours), Mi, Mi, Mi, Mi, Conc
English Programs at Brantford
The English Studies program offers students…
Faculty of Liberal Arts | BA (Honours), CombBA (Honours), Mi, Mi, Mi
Environmental Studies (GG/ES)
The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies offers eight different degrees in Physical and Human Geography, as well as a degree in Environmental Studies. Regardless of the individual degree pursued, all of the degree programs prepare students to…
Faculty of Arts | BA (Honours), BA (Honours), CombBA (Honours), Op, Mi
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