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Business Technology Management Program (LSBE)
Faculty of Human and Social Sciences | Op
Co-operative Education
Faculty of Arts | Op
Community Engagement Program
Faculty of Arts | Op
Computer Science (PC/CP Dept)
Honours BSc, BA, Double Degrees and Minor:
Faculty of Science | BA (Honours), BSc (Honours), BSc (Honours), BSc (Honours), CombBA (Honours), CombBSc (Hons), CombBSc (Hons), CombBSc (Hons), CombBSc (Hons), CombBSc (Hons), BBA (Honours), Op, Op, Mi, Conc
Data Analytics
Faculty of Science | Op
Digital Media and Journalism Program
Program Co-ordinator: Bruce Gillespie, 519-756-8228, ext. 5862,…
Faculty of Liberal Arts | BA (Honours), BA (Honours), Op, Op
Honours BA, Combination BA programs and Minor:
Lazaridis School of Business and Economics | BA (Honours), BA (Honours), BA (Honours), BA (Honours), BA (Honours), BA (Honours), CombBA (Honours), Op, Op, Mi, Mi, Spec, Co-op
Environmental Science Program
Faculty of Arts | BSc (Honours), Op
Environmental Science Programs
Faculty of Science | BSc (Honours), Op, Spec
Environmental Studies (GG/ES)
The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies offers eight different degrees in Physical and Human Geography, as well as a degree in Environmental Studies. Regardless of the individual degree pursued, all of the degree programs prepare students to…
Faculty of Arts | BA (Honours), BA (Honours), CombBA (Honours), Op, Mi
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